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Dry Eye and OcuBliss

OcuBlissCommon symptoms in people that need dry eye treatment include early morning itchiness, loss of eyelashes, and dry, scaly, red, swollen eyelids. The source of these experiences are due to bacteria buildup, debris, scruff, and tiny microscopic mites that reside in our facial hair follicles.

Fortunately with the right lid hygiene these symptoms can be relieved and lead to long term healthier and younger looking eyelids. 90% of dry eye comes from the eyelids, so maintaining good lid hygiene and stimulating oil gland production from the eyelids are the key processes for healthier feeling eyes.

OcuBliss is a lid hygiene tool that works by spraying the product 4 to 6 inches away directly onto skin and then gently massaging the moistened areas in and around the eyelid margins with your fingers. You can then choose to let the area air dry or you can dry with a paper towel. The main ingredient in this spray is Hypochlorous (HOCL). It is an amazing disinfectant because it is an all-natural antimicrobial agent. Pure HOCl is produced as an element of the human immune response. During an immune response molecules such as HOCl are produced as white blood cells respond to invaders in the body. HOCl thus is our body's natural way of killing microorganisms and neutralizing toxins released from dangerous bacteria, viruses and inflammatory cells.

When using 0.015% Pure Hypochlorous acid contained in OcuBliss, one can expect the safest and most effective way in cleaning and keeping the eyes young and healthy. At Bear Creek Eye Care Optometry we are able to provide our patients with the highest quality medical services such as this in the Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, and Canyon Lake areas. We offer these services in office and are able to provide an extensive dry eye workup all in one location.

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