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Bear Creek Eye Care Ocular Surface Disease Clinic

Welcome to Bear Creek Eye Care’s Ocular Surface Disease Clinic! Our office in Wildomar has the latest technology in treating your symptoms of early morning itchiness, dry, scaly, red, and irritated eyes. 90% of dryness comes from your eyelids not being able to produce healthy tears. We will be imaging, cleaning, and providing a complete dry eye treatment plan to anyone experiencing these symptoms.

Our in office therapy can be compared to going to the dentist and getting a cleaning, but for your eyes instead.

Take home therapy is also essential and can be compared to brushing and flossing your teeth, but for the longevity of your eye health.

Bear Creek Eye Care In Office Therapy


The first thing we will be doing is taking a picture of your oil glands that are located inside your eyelids. These glands produce the healthy oily tear film that prevents dry eye symptoms from occurring. Without proper treatment these glands will eventually atrophy and die, so it is crucial for us to assess the current damage to them and to create a plan of action. We also measure your tear volume height, tear break-up time, and redness to assess how much tears you produce and how long they stay on your eyes. Treatment plans are determined for each person individually by using this information and can be anywhere from 3-24 months of followup.


The eyelash margins is another major source of dry eye symptoms. This area is prone to bacteria buildup, debris, scruff, and even tiny microscopic mites that reside in your facial hair follicles. You can think of BlephEx being like a gentle electric toothbrush for your eyelids. Completely safe and painless, a trained technician will use the handheld device to remove all debris and bacteria buried deep within your eyelids in under 10 minutes. We recommend having in office treatment every 4-6 months.


After your eyelids have been cleansed we will then use another instrument to heat your eyelids to a controlled temperature and then stimulate the oil glands in your eyelids. The iLux is safe and painless; a trained technician will insert the device underneath your eyelids. After heat has been applied to the glands, the device will then gently compress your eyelids to mechanically stimulate expression of oils to promote healthier feeling eyes. We also recommend having in office treatment every 4-6 months.

Take Home Therapy

Tranquileyes Masks

Tranquileyes masks provide moisturized heat at a controlled temperature that is safe for the patient's eyes to maximize treatment. They contain reusable microwavable gel packs that increase healthy oily tear production and provide healthier, younger feeling eyes. By using warm compress therapy nightly, one promotes long term reduction of dryness.

Blephadex Wipes

In our eyelid margin everyone has bacteria buildup, debris, scruff, and tiny microscopic mites in our facial hair follicles. All these factors result in irritated, dry, and unhealthy eyes. Blephadex wipes have a blend of tea tree and coconut oils that cleanse and soothe irritated, dry, and matted eyelids and lashes. These will not only moisturize the eye, but also get rid of excess bacteria to reduce eyelid inflammation. By using this product nightly one can promote healthier feeling eyes for the long term.


OcuBliss is a lid hygiene tool that works by spraying the product 4 to 6 inches away directly onto your eyelid skin. Gently massaging the moistened areas in and around the eyelid margins with your fingers will clean your eyes. When using 0.015% Pure Hypochlorous acid contained in OcuBliss, one can expect the safest and most effective way in cleaning and keeping the eyes young and healthy. This ingredient is already naturally created in the body to defend against disease. We recommend using this product every night to cleanse any excess bacterial buildup and accumulation of dead skin.

Nordic Natural Fish Oils

Omega-3 Fish Oils have been long shown to lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, and slow the development of plaque buildup in arteries. These supplements have also been proven to increase both the quantity and quality of our tear film. Nordic Naturals Omega-3 fish oils are rated the #1 omega-3 fish oil product in the United States and have been through rigorous examinations and studies to confirm their quality. Taking this supplement nightly will provide continued dry eye treatment from home.

Oasis Tears

Using artificial tears will replace and refresh your tear film. Preservative free artificial tears such as Oasis Tears will provide the healthiest and most beneficial lubricating eye drops to alleviate dry eye symptoms. Using these eye drops multiple times a day can provide constant, long lasting comfort for your eyes.

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